Titanium SERIES
The Lume
$329 USD $165 USD

Forged from aerospace grade titanium, the Lume provides the ultimate in comfort and durability. And with our lifetime guarantee, you never have to worry about taking them along for the adventure.

The Lume is the ultimate trigger man - always ready for whatever is coming next. Just don’t be surprised if they end up leading you to the afterparty.

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lifetime guarantee
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At William Painter we create products that help you live an uncompromising life. Whether you are climbing mountains, doing yoga on the beach, or drinking adult beverages with your friends at a BBQ we’ve got you covered. If you are not completely satisfied please return your pair and we’ll give you a full refund and cover your return shipping.

At the same time, if something doesn’t fit we want you looking your best so return a pair for a full refund. We’ll even cover your return shipping!

If you have questions regarding returning a William Painter item, just email one of our WP unicorn handlers at help@wpainter.com and we’ll get you taken care of.

Everything we design has a classic shape, and therefore should be familiar sizing to other classic styles. Each pair has been custom designed to fit comfortably on your immaculate face. Seriously our shades fit every face size and shape.

When designing a pair we have used the lightest lenses in the world and quality materials to create a balanced fit. You can be as active as you want without worrying about them sliding down your nose. Our acetate frame pairs also custom mold to your face so they will be perfect for you.

If something doesn’t fit we want you looking your best so return a pair for a full refund. We’ll even cover your return shipping!

Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty Covers the following:

(You will receive a free brand new replacement pair with no time limit restrictions, but you must return your damaged item at your own shipping costs)

  • Screws fall out
  • Hinges break
  • Breaking under the pressure of your badass life.
  • Paint Chipping
  • Lenses are warrantied if the following conditions occur
  • Breaking, popping out, or bubbling
  • Lenses scratching in first 30 days

  • Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty DOES NOT COVER the following:

  • Does not cover lense scratching after 30 days
  • Hinges becoming loose over time
  • Lost Sunglasses
  • If you lose your sunglasses or they get stolen, we still have your back!  We know it sucks to be apart with your amazing William Painter sunglasses, so we'll hook you up a discount to replace your lost pair. (just show us your order number)

    $30 FREE


    We've built a custom hardcase for each style. They're tough enough to protect your sunglasses, and each pair fits snugly inside. It's like cradeling them in your hands - but without all the effort.



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