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The Inspiration to Create Products That Could Keep Up With Our Adventurous Lifestyle

MATT (CEO): It all started with a friendly dare to do a handstand on the Hollywood sign. My reward for completing the dare with a visit from a police helicopter commanding me to get down. In my haste, I left my brand-new $500 designer sunglasses at the top of the sign.

The good news: I was released with a warning.

The bad news: I couldn’t retrieve my sunglasses.

Where was the lifetime guarantee? Where was the commitment to me, the customer?

We Were Tired of Companies Prioritizing Profit Over Quality

PATRICK (Our fearless leader): We discovered that three corporations own 90% of eyewear, and none of them put the customer first. We couldn’t resist challenging that norm. Rather than profits, we would prioritize customers. Rather than focusing on keeping costs low, we would design the best product on the planet.

We were total outsiders to the industry, so we started engineering from scratch. As you’d expect, several companies told us we were fooling ourselves by thinking we could outperform the name-brand corporations dominating the industry… but that only stoked the flame.

We Strive to Give You Confidence That Your Gear Will Keep Up With Your Superhuman Adventures

MATT: Our endeavor was clear and our commitment was resolute. So, we traveled the world in search of the best materials and sourcing on the planet. We unleashed our “inner nerd” to ensure every detail was perfect.

And so, the brand we proudly call William Painter was born.

As We Grew, So Did Our Family of Life-Optimizers & Adventurers

PATRICK: From that point on, we’ve never stopped innovating. All the while, we remain firm in our beliefs that drive William Painter forward…

Your stuff can be durable, stylish AND comfortable.

It can suit you perfectly at your home base AND out in the world.

It can inspire you to be more AND deliver self-confidence.

It can connect you to other like-minded humans who value fulfillment over everything.

We deliver products of the highest quality so you can be out there living like you mean it without worrying about buying more stuff or replacing stuff that doesn’t work.

Thank you for joining us along this journey.
We're here to cheer you on, too.


William Painter Founders

Who is William Painter?

William Painter was an 1800s inventor who patented 85 inventions, including the bottle cap & bottle opener (that’s why our Hook sunglasses can open bottles).

His industry-disrupting innovations inspired us to go rogue and never settle.

Be sure to meet our living team members too.

Innovation in the name of Mr. William Painter

  • Best quality materials in the world

  • Lifetime Guarantee on all frames

  • Designed to fit comfortably while on the go

  • Style in the details

  • Classic styles to outlast trends

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