About William Painter

Where We Started

Our Mission



We believe that you deserve better. In a world that seems to be racing to the bottom on price and quality, our mission is to create high quality accessories at a fair price, and back them up with great customer service & a lifetime guarantee.  





Our Promise

When you purchase a pair of William Painter frames we promise:

  • You will get one of the best pairs of sunglasses you have ever worn. 
  • At a price that is much less than “luxury” brands. 
  • We will treat you like family. Our customer service team is always here for you.

We stand by our products. We personally travel, build, source and meticulously oversee the manufacturing of every pair of sunglasses we’ve ever sold. We’re so certain of their quality, that we back them up with a lifetime warranty and free shipping & returns.

Our Story

 At William Painter we believe that humans are not defined by a title, but by the personal qualities that make them an individual. We created WP to inspire everyone to express what makes them different and reshape the world around them in the image they want…  as a symbol of living life on your own terms. 

We’ve struggled through many challenges to make our dream for this brand come to life. We've slept on floors in foreign airports because we only had enough money to fly standby. We've negotiated the best prices for our materials over Karaoke contests with our factory owners (that one was hard because we don't sing well.) Both of those things happened, (and still happen occasionally) because we built this with a very close group of friends and family and our own blood, sweat and tears. We are just a group of friends from California fighting to realize our dreams, while helping others find their way off the beaten path.

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