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Over 3K 5 Star Reviews

William Painter Review from Allain

“I have bought 5 pairs of sunglasses for myself and my kids. Each one of them is excellent. They are worn more than my raybans. Absolutely incredible quality. I know that they will last me a lifetime. Excellent.“

William Painter Review from Ian S.

“My wife and I each have a pair of the Empire sunglasses they are 100% worth it. we use them nearly every day. they're comfortable, stylish, and have a great warranty, which I used once my pair broke after 2 years of daily use. they are pricey but if you can afford them and are on the fence but can keep track of your nice belongings get these I doubt you'll regret it.”

Ian S.
William Painter Review from Matthew

“I purchased a pair of these 4 years ago when I saw an ad about them that made me skeptical. Over time, they really grew on me. No matter what I was doing, be it hiking, running, biking or riding motorcycle; William Painter stayed true to their word about them. The lenses held up phenomenally with barely any damage. The frame was in great condition, just needed the occasional tightening of the screws. Overall, I would buy these again in a heart beat.“

William Painter Review from Brandon R.

"I was looking for socks that would stand up to the abuse from daily exercise and weekly sports, and these definitely exceeded my expectations. I've had these socks for about a year and a half and I haven't noticed any signs of the deterioration you'd find on an average pair. I wasn't sure about how it felt at first, but I quickly grew to love the extended heel portion of the sock, as it's protected my ankles from shoes that would have given me horrible blisters. I'll definitely be a return customer when my old off-brand socks finish tearing themselves apart.”

Brandon R.
William Painter Review from Lincoln B.

“I have had these glasses for two years now, Wow! Amazing glasses. I am an avid motorcycle rider and these are the only glasses that I have ever owned to include motorcycle glasses that do not make my eyes tear up when riding. Both of my boys ride bikes and I plan on buying them a pair.”

Lincoln B.
William Painter Review from Matthew J.

“Awesome socks. These things aren't cheap, but man, they fit great and are super durable. Everything I bought in store or on Amazon, maybe 20 wears and washes and you'd see the holes start to open up. I bought my first pair about a year ago, and they've been awesome. I recently restocked as my cheap-o socks continue to find the garbage can.”

Matthew J.
William Painter Review from Andy M.

“Best glasses in the universe. I keep buying them because I tend to be rough. Not just a scratch but fully crush or any other myriad ways to destroy something good. Instead of cheap-os ; only WP will do.”

Andy M.
William Painter Review from Steve

The BEST socks!! I have had the runner socks for a year and they have held up fantastically. The look just the same as when I bought them. They never stink, and the back comes up just enough to keep my shoes from rubbing. Sometimes a visible sock is not ideal, so I bought some no shows. Legitimately the only no shows I’ll ever wear—they absolutely stay in place. I just ordered some as a gift for my daughter’s boyfriend.

William Painter Review from Andreas

"Love them! They’re exactly as described! I was kinda skeptical at first but I totally recommend. I’ve had them for a year now and they’re great."

William Painter Review from Victor D

“My only regret is that I didn't get the socks earlier. They are amazing. I have the titans but really love the runners. Both is better to have. Everything about them is great. I'm afraid to lose them.”

Victor D


Ultra Durable. Lightweight.
Perfectly Balanced.

Re-engineered Classics



“I support real entrepreneurs, and I saw what you guys stood for. Then after looking at the quality of your materials and craftsmanship, I’d feel silly if I didn’t at least try. Now, these are a part of my daily routine... wallet, phone, keys, William Painters. Thanks for making a great product.”

Mike K.
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