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Words cannot fully describe this human. He’s a master of task management, great with words, and lovely to look at. We rely on this man to lead us into the beyond, and we follow him with love.

Patrick is synonymous with William Painter. All the love, personality, and adventure exuding the William Painter brand is what encompasses Patrick’s entire being. From breathing exercises to dad jokes (and maybe a few bad puns), Patrick will always be there for you.



Matthew has the business acumen of a young Zuckerberg, the ethics of Nelson Mandela, and the work ethic (and appetite) of a horse. If he’s not on the phone or helping anyone who asks, he’s working his ass off to enhance the vision of William Painter and create a better future for our community. No matter the challenge, Matt is always working with our team’s collective values and ideas at the forefront of his mind.



Kelley has the unique ability to light the fire under our team. She makes sure each person is on task, driving the brand forward, and not looking at their phones during meetings.

We would say she rules with an iron fist, but she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. So, she wields her generosity (and maybe a little bit of guilt) as a sword while she kills with kindness. We wouldn’t know what to do without her (literally, because we have horrible ADD).



As the team mom, Brittany is that special glue holding us all together. She’s the one who answers your emails, makes sure we keep our sh*t together, and checks that get enough sleep (as long as she has her wine).

If William Painter were a World Cup soccer team, Brittany would bring the orange slices and Capri Suns. She’s not a regular mom...she’s a cool mom!



Dylan is much more than a fantastic web developer. He is an outstanding human being, father, and not to mention, one of the kindest people ever. *probably cause he is Canadian - I think they put something in the water eh?

Dylan builds and takes care of our website, our online lives daily, as well as keeps us up to date on any Justin Bieber song/album releases.

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