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Wim Hof #FreezeHof Challenge

"Every 40 seconds someone attempts to take their own life. Every 40 seconds. More than 800,000 of us take their own lives every year. Our world has so much suffering, so much pain, so much mental suffering. The real pandemic, the real terrorist, is the one raging in our minds." - Wim Hof

If you've been subscribed to our emails for a while, you know how important the ice bath is for me, my daily routine, and my mental health. After actually walking through Iceland in my underwear practicing the Wim Hof Method, my life has changed significantly for the better. (Click here to see the video of my experience!)

The benefits of the ice bath that I have received so far are undeniable. The most noticeable of the benefits I've experienced are reduced stress and anxiety.

See below to find how you can benefit from the ice bath!  

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