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The Science of Gratitude

 I have listened to this 2-3 times by now. This is one of my favorite podcasts out... and this might be one of the best episodes yet.

Dr Andrew Huberman talks about Neuroplasticity, Pharmacology, Brain Machine Interfaces, and how you can (with only a few mins a day) rewire your brain to both GIVE and ACCEPT gratitude. Changing your brain chemistry and breaking cycles of depression and anxiety (both of which i deal with on an almost daily basis).

I love the way he is able to breakdown complex topics with such eloquence and simple terms. Really allows me to absorb the information with ease.

*Side note: we have been practicing gratitude in our company meetings by starting off with something that each one of us is excited about (outside of the company) or something we experienced that brought us joy. It's been a fantastic exercise and really making our meetings so much more fun. Thank you Kelley for making that happen!


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