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My breathwork brother started a podcast... and it's GOOD.

 If you know me well… I have probably told you about the “bank robber” scenario. A scenario where I’m making my deposit after work, and someone puts a gun to my head and says “are you ready?” at this point I have two choices: 
1. You say “Wait! I should have…” (insert anything you needed to say and/or do). 
2. You say “pull the trigger. I’m good.” 
I choose option two… I always have. Now, I’m NOT saying there isn’t MORE I want to do. I am simply saying that up to this point I have done all I can, I have said “I love you” to everyone I love. I have done the things in my life I WANTED to do. Sure I have made MANY mistakes (and more to come I’m sure).
I have SO much more to do. But to love and to live, and to be able to say “if today is the day… it’s a beautiful day to go.” That’s all I want.
Now PLEASE go listen to his quick thoughts on this life/death thing… click below.
But to be able to accept that today could be THE day. It’s the best way of living I can think of.
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