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3 GREAT meditations for beginners

When you wake up tomorrow morning (yes, even before coffee) try to meditate and immediately journal down your thoughts following. *For bonus points, list out some bite-size goals you have for the day that can lead to accomplishing your bigger goal.

1. Deepak Chopra's meditation's are GREAT for anyone who is just getting into meditation. There are a ton of them free on YouTube. They are easy, quick, and guided so you don't have to worry about "what to do".

2. Tara Brach Guided Meditation. If you are like us, we are the kind of people who can't seem to quiet our minds but this meditation can at least help our mind run free for a little while. 

3. Alan Watts.  Alan Watts can do no wrong our my book. His voice alone tends to calm people (us) down, his words are inspirational and magical. Listen to this meditation to allow yourself to relax if you are feeling anxious about where your path in life is taking you.

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