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The Dirty Truth About "Van Life"

Have you been living under a rock for the last few years? Ok, so if your answer was NO then you know all about this “Van Life” movement. It is the THE things to do these days, living in a house that doesn’t move is so outdated. Social Media is making this movement seem very glorified. Everyone wants to break their leases or sell their homes, buy a van and convert it into their home on wheels. Welp Social Media won for a couple of our very own good friends… One of those friends happens to be the person writing...

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If I have been hard to get ahold of lately my friends…

It's because I was out of range (a little).  This week I got to see one of my best friends get married!  On top of that, we got to see the Solar Eclipse from Utah (which was pretty fantastic. See below). After that, we needed some time to get amongst it and see some of the nature around us. I hope you get a chance to get out there too this weekend! Send me some photos if you do. Don’t worry; I’ll be frequenting a local Starbucks in the Pacific North West, checking my emails religiously… Congrats to Brandon and Erica!

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More shots of that Solar Eclipse!

Here are some amazing photos that were taken during the Eclipse in case you missed it, or just can't get enough. Don’t worry, looking at these won't burn your eyes...  (All the Photos). 

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For a laugh: the Worst Photoshop Edits of all time…

Be careful when you ask complete strangers to "shop" your photos: you might not like what you get back.  For a solid laugh click here.

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Question of the week!

Here you go folks... Ever wondered what it would be like to have a superpower?  Well... now you really can (or at least convince your friends that you do). All you will need is a glass of water, and a single ice cube.  Don't believe me? Try it for yourself - but the real test here isn't if you can do it or not, it's how and why does this work? If you know the answer to this one, reply back with "I know it all" in the subject line of the email and you will get an extra special discount...

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