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William Painter
Winner winner chicken dinner

Our team is EPIC!

Both Rachael (above) and Robby (below) did some serious running at this last week's Rock and Roll Marathon in San Diego!

These two have been working their asses off and setting goals for this thing, and they crushed em!

We are all so proud and stoked for them.

To say that our office is inspired is putting it lightly.

Go team go! 

Amazing Customer!

Our customers are amazing human beings!

And it's reviews that this that make all the long days and nights TOTALLY worth it…

"Patrick, I received my pair of glasses today. There are some issues- the first is that it makes me look too much of a bad ass. Second my kids love seeing their parents cry over something they destroy, congrats you took that joy away from them. Also these sunglasses are a “steel” for the price. I guess I will have to give you all of my moneys in the future. In short you made me irresistible, you make kids sad, and I will be poor buying three of each style.

Keep up the great work over there
Sincerely the man up in Minnesota" 
- Joel 
Thanks Joel! 
Swells for Kings

Our team rider (yes we have only one) is a maniac…

Our one and only surf team rider Maxamillian Diaz has been in Puerto Escondido, Mexico going HAM!

It’s too bad that almost all the surf magazines have gone out of business. These would be some cover shots for sure.

You can (and really should) follow the hard charging maniac here:

Thank you for the photos:

Photo above: Swells for Kings

Photo below: Edwin Morales

Morales Edwin
Joe Rogan

Listen to this one…

Seriously, you will not regret it!

"The answer to that question, 'Do I matter?' is 'I am nothing, and I am everything'...all the great questions...all paradoxes...pursuing them is actually really useful because then it gives you certain intrinsic understanding in your life that brings a level of peace."

"It's easier to change yourself than to change the world." - Naval Ravakant

We all know that I am a HUGE fan of The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, but this is a realllllly good one.

Joe sat down with Naval Ravakant and discussed some very serious scenarios and what the future of our society could look like. There is some amazing information here.

You can give it a listen right here:

Cabin Porn

Place I need to escape to ASAP!

This looks like the place I need to be right about now…

Instead I’ll be going to Splash House in Palm Springs.

Anyone else going to be joining me???


Be careful out there this weekend my friends!

Or just lay on the floor and pretend you're dead.

No this puppy is not dead… I just really like his sleeping style.

- patrick

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