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Gravity is gone and Sweden wants your trash...

It's almost over...and the party is just beginning.

The Empire!

One week till it's over! Get yours NOW!

Be a part of our best Kickstarter ever.

Hey friends! You read it right, we're only one week away from the end of our 60 day Kickstarter campaign for William Painter's newest frame, the Empire.

We've had a phenomenal run so far, and want to thank everyone who's helped us to become on of the most funded campaigns in Kickstarter history! If you haven't already gotten involved, don't cry, there is still time...

Get Yours NOW!

To sweeten the deal, and say thank you to our wonderful backers (and future backers...) we're even throwing in a FREE William Painter 12 in 1 Multi-tool for anyone who backs our campaign!

The Empire
Get the Empire and Multi-tool NOW!
The Empire

We're having a party next week and


This has been an amazing summer, our best Kickstarter ever, and having you all to thank for it! Not to mention there will be some very talented Musicians playing this evening. The fantastic Mr Fred Everything and The LoveLife DJ’s (Jimbo James / Matthew Brian) will be playing some afternoon chunes… So come on down for a sunset, a handshake/hug and a beer on us. You are family and we wanna thank you for it! Love ya!

Where: Firehouse in Pacific Beach, San Diego

When: Friday, July 21st.

There will be drinks. There will be music. There will be Canadians.

If you still have a liver after last weekend, come put it to the test. If you don't, then you have nothing to lose.


Places to go this week: WONDERSPACES

This interactive museum is in San Diego, but only till the 30th!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see you dreams come to life? Well, for the next two weeks you can do exactly that at Wonderspaces in San Diego!

Throw every rule your parents gave you about "look but don't touch" out the window at this event featuring full scale interactive art installations, to virtual reality films, and even some of the best art from the world's biggest festivals and fairs.

Tickets are still available online or you can live on the edge and snag one at the door! Everyone I have talked to thinks this is one amazing show. If you can get to it I highly suggest you do. Might just see you there.

P.S. All profits from alcohol sales at the festival go to local charities ;)


Sweden wants your garbage, but not so fast...

The highly covered and often revered Swedish recycling program has become a point of conversation and controversy and frankly... we don't know what to think.

Coming off the back of Coconutgate 2017, a new topic has hit internet: how good is the Swedish recycling system really?

There was a time when Swedens method of collecting, burning, and filtering waste was seen as such a good method, the world was considering packing up and sending our waste to the country in hopes that we may have found a solution to waste management that would clean up the planet, provide us with clean air, and become a source of fuel.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Well, turns out we may have been a little overeager, and as of late many environmentalist such as David Suzuki and Tom Szaky have pointed out that the Swedish method of waste management may not do as much good as we'd hoped...

You can read all about it here, and here, then let me know what you think!

Is this new method of recycling really upcycling, or are we doing more harm than good?

Question of the Week

Question of the week!

Why do cans of Diet Coke float, but cans of regular Coke sink?

Did you know if you put a can of regular coke in a pool of water, it will sink (naturally, right?) BUT if you put the same size can of Diet Coke in a pool of water it will float.

Crazy, right? Well, if anyone can tell me why I will shower you with discounts. Here's the trick though - you have to be able to explain it.

Let's play.

Have a great weekend

Have a great weekend friends...

Get out there and kill it.

- Patrick

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