It was a loooooong week...

It was a loooooong week...

December 02, 2016

We love you...
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This would have been a great image. Thats all.

Its been a loooong week... not back to normal life.

Well that whole Black Friday-Cyber Monday thing got a little crazy. I hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend and I'm really happy you are still here. Here is a little photo of Sagittarius the Unicorn and I celebrating the end of the madness. 

Since its been a long week sit back, crack  a cold one and enjoy some dopamine and any random things that pop into my brain from this week of craziness. Read on my friends! 


Wombat! Wombat! Wombat! 

Just like that Panda Panda Panda  song, this little Wombat is amazing! Click the link or the photo to see the most radical baby wombat ever. 

I was going to order one off Ebay, but I learned two things:

1. You cannot order Wombats off Ebay and

2. They are not allowed inside the United States.


I'm a little bummed about that, but I guess we'll all have to go to Australia to hang out with them so I guess thats not too bad. However, If anyone runs across a spare wombat please do hit me up! I'm still interested. 


Seth Godin

Listen to Seth... 


If you haven't noticed, Seth Godin is one of my all time favorites. Mr. Godin is able to put into words what I feel on a consistent basis (however he is much more succinct than I).

This short below really sums up how I have felt over the past few weeks with the world seemingly falling down around us (but its really not). Give it a quick read, copy and paste, and share it with everyone you love...


All we have is each other.

"And that's enough. It has to be.

It's all we've ever had.

The challenge is in realizing this and working with it, even when we're secretly hoping for something more, some external force.

You and me, kid, you and me and a few billion other folks.

We can treat each other as if it matters, because it does."

Photographer of the week! 

Who wants to go to Zion?! I know I do. 

When you have a second, take it to check out one of my favorite Instagram accounts out there as well as the site by Luke Tyree Photography. This guy is fantastic! No only does he take some great shots of my hometown (so I'm more than a little biased here) but he gets some really fantastic destination photos. Give it a look and let me know what you think!

Fact of the week! 

Did you know If you properly shuffle a deck of cards, in all likelihood, the resulting deck has never been seen before in the history of the world? 

Wanna know how? Just email me for the math :) 


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