William Painter Summer 2016 Look Book

Jun 28, 2016

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Just a few weeks back the William Painter team got together over a few adult beverage and shot  some of the 2016 line (along with some amazing jewelry by our friends at Child of Wild. It was a great time to say the least. Thank you to all that participated and helped out! All photos by the amazing Josie Wilton.  


Melissa Ramos in the Constellation matte black. 

Mellissa, Areceli, and Jess in The Hughes matte gold and matte black. 

No Setons were harmed during this shoot. 

The Hughes in matte gold. 

Seton in the Constellation matte gold having the worst time ever. 

Mellissa in The Hughes matte gold. 

Seton in the matte black Constellation. 

Mellissa in the Sloan. 

We all knew were this was going... 

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