How William Painter Came to Be

Jan 8, 2017

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Who is William Painter?

Born late November in 1838, William Painter was an inventor by the age of twenty. His invention of the bottle cap and numerous patents on its technology are what elevated him, and later made him a role model, for other inventors. In his lifetime he was the recipient of nearly 100 U.S. patents, and solved the 19th century dilemma of exploding corks on bottles containing fizz. Yes, in our ultra modern lifestyles it’s hard to imagine this was ever a problem, but it was.

He was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame 2006 for his work developing a universal neck for all bottles, as well as inventing and patenting all the machinery needed to manufacture the caps. William Painter’s company Crown Cork & Seal Company of Baltimore, by the 1930s was providing one half of the world’s supply of bottle caps, and is still in operation today. Today one in five bottles and one in 3 bottle caps are still made by the Crown Cork & Seal Company.

William Painter was more than an inventor; he had extraordinary vision of what is possible with an idea. He was inspired in work, but was also inspiring to others with a steadfast perseverance that isn’t easy to find.

Why did we choose William Painter?

William Painter is a symbol for those who refuse to be stereotyped. We celebrate people who believe that their job descriptions are not their self-descriptions. There’s a story behind everyone with a “more than meets the eye” lifestyle.

We are passionate about living life with a creative twist, and have channeled these passions into designing products that connect people with their best self. We are charting new territory by bringing disruptive ideas to stale markets and revolutionizing the way customers experience products.

Our mission is to share these stories with the world and give the wallflowers a little nudge. Inspiring everyone to live a full life and keep the world guessing. Everything we do has an element of surprise to always remind us of this philosophy.

William Painter’s mission is to celebrate those who are living a lifestyle that is “more than meets the eye.”

We are reinventing the way things are done in stale industries and setting a new benchmark for quality by creating beautifully designed products that our customers trust. William Painter is in the business of delivering surprises. We give our customers a “more than meets the eye” experience with each and every interaction.

One day, the founders had a conversation about what we stand for and what it means to be part of William Painter. Each founder summed themselves up in one word and that gave birth to our values.

Our brand is built upon four values: trust, uniqueness, iconoclast and depth. They embody the spirit of everything we do, every decision that’s made and everything we represent.

People who exhibit these values are truly amazing. For example, the guy delivering your Christmas tree may very well be a Big Wave Surf Legend. The gentleman you notice enjoying his daily Macchiatto, may be the World’s Greatest Paintball player, who trains Israeli Special Forces for hostage situations. The French graphic designer you sit next to in class may enjoy spending time with her cat, while she has also completed over 75 solo skydive jumps. William Painter’s job is to remind the world that job descriptions are not self-descriptions.

We celebrate those who are engrossed in their passions and are pursuing their dreams. These people don’t look outside themselves for approval or attention. They are too busy living their life, and don’t have time to brag about themselves. Society glosses over them and they go unnoticed, outcast or picked-last. All the while they keep their head down and chase their dreams. And they do it with a smile. They do not simply exist, they are alive.

“Success” is not an achievement. It is a lifestyle - the stubborn refusal to be mediocre and accept the world with strings attached. Success is about blatantly disregarding your self-imposed limitations and going for it - not about the dollars in your bank account, the trophies on your shelf or anyone else’s perception of you. It is about looking yourself in the mirror and being completely satisfied with what you see. Life may be uncertain, but to you it is as exciting as hearing the heart-pounding, safety bar ‘click’ on your first roller coaster ride.

There’s a story behind everyone with a “More Than Meets the Eye” lifestyle. Our mission is to share these stories with the world and give the wallflowers a little nudge by inspiring everyone to become their best self and keep the world guessing. Our products encompass an element of surprise to always remind of us of this philosophy.

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